Transform Your Dog Walking Passion into a Thriving Career

Turn your love for dogs into a profitable and fulfilling profession

Nathan Dunleavy Dog Walker Business Coach
Nathan Dunleavy 171122 (LinkedIn Post) 1
Nathan Dunleavy Dog Walker Business Coach
Nathan Dunleavy 171122 (LinkedIn Post) 1

Transform Your Dog Walking Passion into a Thriving Career

Turn your love for dogs into a profitable and fulfilling profession


ARE YOU struggling with

Starting up your own business, as a dog walker or pet sitter?

Expanding or growing your business and taking on staff?

Taking your business to the next level?

Are you a dog trainer, who has quiet spells and would like to enhance your offering by either adding pet sitting and/or dog walking to your services?

You simply don’t know where to start and need a helping hand?

Nathan Dunleavy walking in the woods with dogs
Nathan Dunleavy walking in the woods with dogs


Nathan Dunleavy Dog Walking Business Mentor Program

Give me just 3 months

And I will guide you towards achieving remarkable milestones in your business, team development, and training capabilities

Business Launch support

Dedicated support to ignite the launch of your new business, equipping you with the tools and insights necessary for a triumphant start.

Growth accelerator

Specialised guidance to help you expand your team effectively, fostering a robust and dynamic workforce tailored to your business needs.

evolution and expansion

As an experienced trainer, my mentoring will enrich your existing services, introduce innovative approaches and elevate your training offerings.

Just 90 days

Will give you

A significant boost in confidence

Sense of accomplishment and pride

Reignited passion and enthusiam for your business

Reduced stress and peace of mind you are on the right path

Increased work-life balance

invaluable in setting up my new pet care business

“Nathan’s mentoring program has been invaluable for me in setting up my new pet care business.

After a period of illness and now in recovery, his guidance and support have been crucial. His patience and understanding have made the process smooth and enjoyable.

I highly recommend Nathan’s program to anyone seeking expert assistance in their entrepreneurial journey. Thank you so much Nathan

Looking forward to working with you further.”

Karen Munford-Gibbs


I’m nathan

Nathan Dunleavy Professional Dog Walker, Trainer and Coach

As a professional Dog Walker and Pet Sitter, I am also an Accredited and Approved Dog Trainer with the IMDT and the DTC.

I pride myself on being a collaborative professional and am proud to be a multi-award winner, which reflects my commitment and diverse skill set in my field.

Furthering my expertise, I am a Certified SA Pro Behaviour Consultant, trained by renowned separation anxiety expert Julie Naismith.

My journey includes six years of experience as a multi-business owner, complemented by a fifteen-year tenure in banking where I worked with small business and corporate clients.

Nathan is amazing. He helped me massively with my business when I got a little stuck.

He is knowledgeable without being arrogant and really puts you at ease. His methods in mentoring are exceptional and easy to understand and implement.

If you are looking for a business mentor, then look no further because Nathan is the best!!!

Leigh Rose

Nathan Dunleavy Professional Dog Walker, Trainer and Coach


I reached my goals with his help

Nathan is lovely and supportive. For me it’s the accountability- Nathan helped me with expanding my team.

I already had an incline of what I needed to do but without that extra little push and vote of confidence from Nathan I would probably still be twiddling my thumbs. He’s great to sound board off and I reached my goals with his help :-)”

Suzi Apps


in the programme

Personal check ins

1 x Zoom meeting per month (60 mins) 1 x weekly check-in (email or call)

Personal support to help keep you gently accountable whilst being there for the handholding you need.


Unlimited WhatsApp support

Got a question on the fly? Need to make a fast decision? No problem, just shoot me a message.

You’ll also get access to a WhatsApp group with other mentees for chat, trouble shooting, advice and support.

Documentation support

Access to my templates, procedures, business hacks and wins.

When you’ve been doing this for as long as I have you learn a lot along the way. I’m happy to share this all with you to move your journey along.

online workshops

Including access to ‘Understanding Canine Body Language’ & ‘Reactive Rascals’ Online Workshops both worth £55 each


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Discount code for £10 off ‘Rachel Bean’s Canine First Aid Online Course’

Discount code for 50% off ‘Canine Principles’ CPD Accredited Diploma in Dog Walking, Boarding & Care

Discount code for 10% off an SEO optimised website with WUF design

Discount code for £20 off Pet Professional Network annual membership (if paid in full/annually)


Nathan has a wealth of knowledge

“Setting up a new business in the dog business world was a bit daunting. Nathan’s mentoring programme has been a massive help to me, from talking through ideas, sharing of knowledge and having a sounding board to run ideas past.

Nathan has a wealth of knowledge, and he generously shares this as well as being able to give you contacts of other people that can help. I did a 3-month mentorship with Nathan, and I found him easy to work with, open and honest and he has been so supportive of my new venture. It also gave me some structure and I was able to break tasks down into easier to manage chunks.

I am almost ready to go live with my Mantrailing business and I have lots of newfound knowledge and tools to help me going forward. I would highly recommend Nathan’s mentoring programme to those that are looking for some help in setting up their own business.

Thank you so much Nathan for the opportunity of being your mentee and for all your help, advice, support and laughs”

Diane K Symonds




£99 Per Month

*Limited spaces available until the end of Feb 24

*Full Price £149 from 1st Mar 2024



How much is the mentoring program?

It’s currently £99 a month, as a founder’s rate (limited number available) and it goes up to £149 a month at the end of February 2024

Am I tied into an agreement or contract?

No, but I recommend working together for a minimum of 3 months to see the full benefit of the program.

I am a new start-up dog walker/pet sitter, is this program suitable for me?


Our program is tailor-made for new start-ups like yours. We focus on providing practical tips and personalised guidance to help you become a confident and successful dog walker and pet sitter. No matter your experience level, we’re here to support you every step of the way!

I want to start up my own business as a dog walker/pet sitter, will this program help me to do this?

Absolutely! Our program guides you through the essentials of dog walking and pet sitting, plus provides tips for starting your own business. We’ll help you build the skills and confidence needed to successfully launch and grow your venture.

I want to grow my business and take on staff, can this program help me?

Definitely. Our program offers strategies for business growth and staff management, helping you expand your dog walking/pet sitting business effectively and confidently.

I am a dog trainer; I am looking to enhance my services and add dog walking/pet sitting. I don’t know where to start, will this program help me?
Absolutely! Our program is ideal for dog trainers looking to diversify into dog walking/pet sitting. We provide step-by-step guidance to seamlessly integrate these services into your existing business.
Nathan Dunleavy Professional Dog Walker with branded vehicle

Nathan Dunleavy – Guiding You Through Every Step of Your Business Journey


with nathan!

Book a call with Nathan Dunleavy your dog walking business mentor
Book a call with Nathan Dunleavy your dog walking business mentor

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